The travel services offered on the website do NOT constitute binding contractual offers by Travel Tracker and/or the respective providers. Rather, they are an invitation to users to submit an offer to conclude a contact with the provider of the travel services (invitatio ad offerendum). The user submits an offer by (a) entering their full details in the online booking form and (b) submitting this form (incl. accepting the terms and conditions). Under no circumstances does a confirmation of receipt from Travel Tracker of the user’s offer constitute acceptance of this offer. The respective provider shall either accept the offer aiming at conclusion of a contract or provide the user with a new contractual offer that they are able to accept within the period specified therein. In the event of provision of a booking confirmation or acceptance by the user of the new offer provided by the respective provider, the respective contract for the travel services shall be concluded. The booking confirmation – and, in case of acceptance, the new offer – can at the same time serve as the invoice.